era errans (spikeface) wrote in boomtown,
era errans

Strange Request

Er, so, this might sound kind of/really strange, but I'm on this hunt and I'm hoping one of you people could help me. My mother mentioned that she saw this guy on "Boomtown" a while ago (obviously) who was the spitting image of my deceased father as a young man. He apparently showed up in one episode as a relatively minor character, possibly in a flashback because the scene was black and white. He was young, white, with curly (blonde?) hair. My mom thinks he was going to rob a bank. He might have gotten killed.

I know all this is very out of left field, and LJ said this community was updated 100 weeks ago so I don't even know if anyone will read this, but I'm trying to hunt down the actor for her. I've gone through the IMDB records and searched for screencaps, but I haven't found anything. If anyone recalls which episode this was, or any other useful information, I'd be most obliged.
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