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A new show for Det. Stevens?


Donnie cops Hub pilot

The ``Boomtown'' bust hasn't arrested Donnie Wahlberg's desire to develop a new gritty cop series for NBC. But the really good news is that the Dorchester homey has high hopes to shoot the series entirely in Boston!

``Shooting a show set in Boston in Toronto just doesn't cut it with me,'' said Donnie, who was out at the Mohegan Sun yesterday for a benefit golf tournament for the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation.

``It's been my dream to come home and help out my friends with some work. We'd put $16 million into the economy if we shot the entire series in Boston.''

F.O.D.s will be happy to hear that the TV pilot for the show that Donnie describes as ``like `Narc' meets `Serpico' '' is set in Charlestown and will be shot here in February.

``Selling the show to NBC was the easy part,'' Wahlberg said, adding that ``Boomtown'' exec producer Jon Avnet has also signed onto the project.

In the meantime, Wahlberg has just returned from Philadelphia where he read opposite James Franco in ``Annapolis.''

The big-money Disney flick is about a street kid who boxes his way into the U.S. Naval Academy.
Sounds like a knockout!

Source: Boston Herald
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