Pearly Q (spinelli136) wrote in boomtown,
Pearly Q

Medical Investigastion

Has anyone watch Medical Investigation yet? Its a great great show. Not as great as Boomtown though...
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Oooh! I have!
Oops, hit post comment before I was done. :x

Anyway, I was going to say that I only saw the episode on Thursday (with the blue people), because I had to go to camp on Friday and my family didn't manage to record all of Friday's episode (I saw up until the main credits)... but I really like it so far. And a lot of that is from Neal McDonough, whom I love. ^___^

I've also been watching my Boomtown DVDs like no other... MI put me onto a Neal kick. ^^; Now I wish there were some Boomtown or MI icons anywhere...